What is sustainable agriculture? And why is it so important now more than ever?

The world has we know it is changing, and we cannot ignore it any longer: temperatures and the sea level are rising, many animal species are on the brink of extinction while some others are gone forever; not counting all that, fossil fuels are getting scarcer and scarcer. It is time for everybody to change: whether you are a private citizen turning on your car to pick up a gorgeous escort, or a big company that uses fossil fuels, everybody needs to develop an environmental conscience.

The need to switch to a more sustainable agriculture is now crucial

Everything needs to change, even in the fields where we would least expect it. Oftentimes we think about agriculture and we picture this idyllic image of farmers in touch with nature and with the environment, while reality is quite different. As you and your Prague escorts should know, agriculture nowadays runs on machinery and on chemicals that have nothing to do with nature.

The development that agriculture has seen since the 20th century has brought many advantages, as your companion from the Escort Directory might point out. Some of them are as massive production and a lighter workload for farmers. But all this came at a great price: the food cost plunged while the expenses for machinery continued rising, leaving the smallest farmer out of the market.

In the meantime, as you and your Prague escorts from http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-prague-177/¬†should be aware, big companies transformed agriculture from being in touch with nature to exploiting it until there won’t be anything left. Monocultures are now the most common form of agriculture in South America and Asia, where the local biodiversity is ignored and many forests are burned down to build more fields of one single variety, which will deplete the soil and facilitate the spread of diseases.

Now the time has come for a change, or better, it has already started. Maybe you and your escort didn’t know, but more and more farmers are switching to methods that are meant to preserve the environment for future generations and to assure equity for everybody, from farmers to consumers, therefore switching to pesticides-free farming and green energy power sources.

The time for sustainable agriculture is now: here’s what you should know about it

The most common practices in sustainable agriculture are simple, you and your Prague escorts might know them already: crop rotation is one of the oldest farming technique, which ensures the enrichment of the soil and maintains the biodiversity of the area. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMO are not used, in favour of techniques that do not pollute soil and water and may harm human health. Sustainable agriculture also aims to improve animal welfare avoiding intensive animal farming and raising livestock on pasture.

Sustainable agriculture is not a dream, it’s reality: farmers are willing to change, but consumers also have to do their part. Make sure you do yours: when you shop for groceries for you and your escort, always prefer local markets instead of the mall, and look for organic farms in your area. By supporting them with your purchase, you are also supporting the change towards a better future!